Brief Introduction of JLPT

What is JLPT?

The Japanese-Language Proficiency TestJLPTis a comparably integrated exam and evaluation system was established by the Japan Foundation and Japan Association for International Education supports in 1984 with the purpose of testing the Japanese linguistic competence of the ones who are not native speakers of Japanese. JLPT was held in 51 countries and regions in the world and 660,000 people entered for it by the end of 2008.


How many levels of JLPT?

JLPT falls into four levels. The highest level is the equivalence of Japanese competence of those inland junior and senior students majored in Japanese. The test of every level falls into three parts: Words, Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension and Grammar. The test questions are all multiple-choice questions. And the full mark is 400. Those who get 70% right questions (mark: 280) at least are qualified in the highest level; those who get 60% right questions (mark: 240) at least are qualified in the rest levels. The examination result notice is issued to examinees by NEEA and examination sites via the Japan Foundation. The qualifiers can receive certificates of conformity awarded by the Japan Foundation. The certificates of conformity of all levels are permanently valid.


The content and duration of JLPT



Listening comprehension

Reading comprehension and Grammar


Passing score



45 minutes

45 minutes

90 minutes

180 minutes


Examinees who have learned Japanese for 900 hours


35 minutes

40 minutes

70 minutes

145 minutes


Examinees who have learned Japanese for 600 hours


35 minutes

35 minutes

70 minutes

140 minutes


Examinees who have learned Japanese for 300 hours


25 minutes

25 minutes

50 minutes

100 minutes


Examinees who have learned Japanese for150 hours

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