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Since the start of its business, Beijing Fanzhidu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd has helped more than 2000 students enter various universities and colleges in Canada. Under the principle of being responsible for both students and their parents, Canadian Department considers education quality of school as top priority, continuously recommended students to institutes of higher learning in Canada, and meanwhile, through cooperation with TAIE EDU, it established long and reliable cooperative relations with University of Alberta—top 10 universities in Medical & Doctoral Rankings in Canada, Regina University—one of the 10 best universities in comprehensive university rankings in Canada, and Winnipeg University—top 10 universities in primarily undergraduate rankings in Canada. The learning abilities as well as professional qualities for students sent abroad by us are highly regarded by universities abroad.

Catering to the need of senior high school students aiming to go to Canada to study, we introduced the “Preparatory English Courses” of TAIE International Institute, which is to let students take ESL preparatory courses when waiting for their visas, and to let them accept advanced educations abroad in small classes before they actually go abroad. Students participating in such courses can enter famous universities in Canada directly without IELTS or TOEFL score, saving time, money, as well as much trouble. It is considered as an “Express Train Bounding Directly to Canadian Universities”. Our department has carried out cooperation about the project in Beijing for about 10 years, offered classes for 27 successions of students with 100% of them successfully getting their visas.

In addition to business concerned with the application of Study Permit, we also offer various other services for applying for Temporary Resident Visas for customers wishing to go to Canada to visit friends, relatives, and to go for business, tourism, and working.


Our Advantages:

·10 years of professional experiences for handling student visas with 2000 successful cases.

·Long-term cooperation with prestigious schools in Canada and double Letters of Acceptance

·Employment of returned overseas Chinese and registered Canadian Immigration consultant.

·Senior consultant with 10 years’ professional experiences to tailor study plans for students

·Super High visa pass rate with no service fees charged for failed cases

·Professional handling of complex and failed cases


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